Brother Lover

by Brother Lover

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released 26 June 2012



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Track Name: Deserts
Don't believe me now
This desert mind won't disallow
Read into what you will
The wild heart never got its fill
Track Name: The Line
Some people never stop
Changing their minds
But you've made up yours
And you've made up mine

Some people never stop
Wasting my time
First you give up yours
Then you take all mine

This is the line
The line

Somehow you always seem to
Take up the light
First you burn out yours
Then you turn on mine

Believe it or not
We can bend our minds
If you make to mine
We can both unwind

The line
This is the line
This is the mind
The mind
Track Name: Shame On You
I hear what you say
Don't know a single thing about it
It hurts to watch you burn
But politics just ain't my thang

I see a big man swingin dick
Without the balls to back it
It hurts to hear you scream at
Those who don't want change

Shame on you

In every single bone
And all the bloods that will surround it
The writ is in my tone
Its source for every other topic

I cant feel you're pain
Cause you wont bend so low to drop it
Replace the microphone with
Silence in sustain
Track Name: Inside Of You
Im gonna make a way
To get inside of you
So you feel me

I wanna get it up
But will there be enough you
Its the real me

Come on whenever you want
But dont stop till i'm thru
Itll kill me

Im gonna make a way
To get inside of you
So you feel me

Yesterday started all right
With a bang and a boom
Yes i'm guilty

Today im stuck on the floor
Without luck or a noose
To thrill me

I can believe it when you say
There's only one use
For a drilling

Yesterday started all right
With a bang and a boom
Yes i'm guilty
Track Name: Modern Classic
Anybody but you can stand it
Fixed grip on a modern classic
Tip-top makes the pounding drop
But I won't flip it till the needles stop
Track Name: Feelin Me Up
I'm so sick and tired of everybody always feeling me up
Mentally undressing me, until i'm nude
Its a mind fuck.

I need a little attention honey
I need my pension money
I need a little attention honey
So just give me my

Run and tell your sister, brother
I'm the one she can rough up
Run to daddy but don't tell
Tuck your shirt in or burn in hell

Finally its time to peel my dignity up
Off the floor
Like the lion center stage
Theres always someone to ignore
Track Name: Anybody's Fault
It aint anybody's fault
It aint anybodys fight
Stairs to lead you up the floor
Wings to make you lose your mind

Take me
Awake me
And bathe me
Save me

Tethered along to everyones song
Its gotta be hard to know your wrong
Temple of loss to find yourself
When time runs out you'll be in hell

Safety in numbers till we die
The king says stay but we go hide
Somehow the magic never came
Now who can we give all this blame

Shake me
Break me
Forsake me
Take me
Track Name: There Are No Nations
Anyone here is free to speak
Whats on your heart,
Should be left at ease
In west we please

Sent from above like dollar bills
Broke from the start
A cure for the sick
Cancer for the prick

Business is good, without arrest
More than a deal
This is a quest
Without the flesh

Anyone here is free to leave
But where you go
Is up to me
Desist and cease

There are no nations
There are no peoples
Electro dollars
There are no nations

There are no nations
There are no peoples
There are no nations
There are no nations
Track Name: It's Only The First Date
I will take you out to a meal
Oh yeah
Its good to eat